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Matt McGill Collision is now your snowplow headquaters. Come to us for sales, installation, service, accessories and more. We are an official distributor of WESTERN® plows and accessories.


WESTERN® offers three types of plows for light commercial or personal use plowing. Matt McGill staff can help you choose the type of plow that best suits your needs.


This 6-1/2′ personal use plow was developed specifically for today’s down-sized vehicles. The blade is 23″ high and made of 16 gauge steel. The Sport/Utility plow is available for some lighter vehicles that can still carry a UniMount® System style snowplow.


The 7’2″ LSX snowplow was designed for lighter capacity 1/2 ton pickup trucks and some sport utility vehicles. The high strength steel blade (14 gauge) is 25″ tall. A boxed center channel and channel a-frame increase the durability of this new design. Disc shoes are optional.


The WESTERN® Standard snowplow is available in 6-1/2′, 7′ and 7-1/2′ blade widths and covers a wide range of vehicles. Made of 11 gauge steel, these 26-1/2″ high blades are proven tough. The Standard plows give the light commercial and personal use plower dependable performance without excess weight.

Pro and Poly

The ‘workhorses’ of the WESTERN® family of snowplows, the Pro and Poly lines cover a wide range of vehicles with blade widths from 7-1/2′ to 9′. Taller blades to handle more snow and additional trip springs and vertical ribs on the back of the blade for extra stiffness and support along with long-wearing cast iron disc shoes give Pro-Plows the added toughness needed for commercial use.


Known nationwide as the choice of the professional plower, the WESTERN® Pro-Plows were designed to meet tough contractor plowing requirements.
Available in 7-1/2′, 8′, 8-1/2′ and 9′ blade widths, the Pro-Plows have heavy duty components and feature a shock absorber on the back of the blade to provide a smooth forward trip during spring extension and soften the action of the blade trip return. This unique feature lengthens the life of your truck and plow by substantially reducing impact loads.


The WESTERN® Poly Plows were designed to meet the needs of plowers who want superior snow rolling action. The slippery blade surface created by the use of thermal formed, high density polyethylene allows you to plow faster and save fuel. And, the use of non-corrosive poly and powder coated steel structural members combine to create a maintenance free plow blade. A rubber snow deflector that keeps snow off the windshield is standard on all Poly Plows.

MVP® snowplows

The WESTERN® 8-1/2′ and 9-1/2′ MVP® snowplows offer the professional contractor the ultimate in plowing efficiency. You’ll do more jobs in less time with this multi-position V-plow.
As a “V”-BLADE the MVP snowplow is ideal for breaking through drifts and snowbanks to get those big jobs started quickly. In the SCOOP position large amounts of snow can be carried and stacked where you want it – without spilloff. This is an ideal position for plowing crowded parking lots and other tight locations where snow must be collected and not cast off to the side. When a STRAIGHT or angled blade is needed for conventional plowing, the MVP snowplows adjust quickly and easily. Plowing width at full angle is 7′ 6″ (8-1/2′ MVP) and 8′ 10″ (9-1/2′ MVP).
Each wing of this snowplow incorporates a trip-edge so that when the blade strikes an obstacle only the lower edge trips back. Essential to the efficient design of an adjustable V-plow, this feature protects the plow and your truck in all blade positions and keeps plowed snow out in the front of the blade so you keep on working.

WESTERN® Heavyweights

Ideal for all purpose, moderate-speed plowing, the WESTERN® Heavyweights are the right choice for local streets, park and country roads and large parking lots. These 9′ and 10′ plows for trucks in the 14,000 to 27,000 GVWR range are priced right to fit tight municipal and contractor budgets.
Both Heavyweight blades are 33″ high and are made from 7 gauge steel. Two shock absorbers on the back of the blade provide a smooth forward trip during spring extension and soften the action of the blade trip return. Adjustable, cast iron disc shoes and a 1/2″ x 6″ AASHO punched high carbon steel cutting edge are standard equipment.
Matt McGill is also your source for all WESTERN® Acessories.