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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Matt McGill Collision hereby provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on repairs performed by the shop. This Limited Warranty is valid for as long as you own the vehicle stated herein, and is for the person to whom this Limited Warranty is granted and whose name appears herein and on the original work order. This is a labor only, fragmented four part Limited Warranty, and stipulations pertaining to each fragmented part are stated hereafter:

Limited Warranty stipulations are made a part hereof as though fully incorporated herein, and that said Shop agrees to be bound by each and every one thereof.

This Written Warranty shall be null and void if the repair is altered, adjusted or tampered with by any person not authorized by Warranty Grantor. This warranty is not transferable.

Specifically Excluded:

This States All Limited Warranties made by the Shop and contains the only promises for which it will be responsible.

Customer Obligations: In order to obtain the benefits of this warranty, the owner of the vehicle must do the following:

All Warranties implied by the law, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to the warranty period herein and shall expire at the end of such period.

And on top of all that, here’s personal guarantee from Matt himself:

I’ll fix your car as if it were my own, because if I don’t put your car back to the factory specs, I’ll buy it back and make it my own!
– Matt McGill